A Few Case Histories…

Testimonial Patients

These stories are first-hand observations over the last 6 months of actual patients who experienced lasting relief of their chronic pain, with Calmare therapy. Many patients who come to us have been on a long, frustrating journey filled with failed treatments, numerous doctors, and too many harmful medications. Our goal is to demonstrate that you are not alone and that there may still be hope. Names and photos have been changed to protect our patients’ privacy. Note that not all chronic pain can be successfully treated by Calmare Therapy. Each patient’s results will vary depending on individual circumstances.

Dawn C., has suffered with fibromyalgia since 1988. The stabbing pains, stinging joint aches and muscle soreness kept her from many daily activities including walking her dog, working at her desk with ease and even sitting comfortably. As is unfortunately common, she was not correctly diagnosed with the condition until 2008. This 54-year-old administrator, so full of life, could barely participate in daily activities before her Calmare treatment. Dawn came to our Center four years after her diagnosis and was almost instantly relieved. She was astonished at how miraculous her improvement was within four treatment sessions. . . It was so dramatic an improvement that she jokes that her husband now “wishes she would just sit still again!” Dawn had a lot of living to make up for and was ready to take it on.

Marsha S., a 69-year-old homemaker had chronic pain in her shoulder, neck and hip. She came to NECCP exhausted and depressed. Her pain had emerged gradually and seemingly, without cause. She never experienced trauma or illness –yet her pain had lasted more than 3 years. By her 6th treatment, pain that Marsha had described as “searing”, “stabbing” and “shooting” decreased to a calm, occasional ache. Upon completion of her ten treatment series with Calmare Treatment Therapy, Marsha was not experiencing any pain and was able to resume ordinary activities like walking her dog. Her former quality of life joyfully returned.

Susan U. sent in this letter after treating her RSD pain with Calmare Scrambler pain treatment:


To Dr. Whyte and Staff:

How do you say thank you for giving someone her life back???

Here’s my story. I hope it will somehow help others to come to you before giving up the hope of living pain-free.

I lived with daily, excruciating, nerve pain; open wounds that would not heal; and skin so sensitive that it could not be exposed to air and would tear upon pressure.

The Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD/CRPS) I had been diagnosed with following a car accident over 3 years ago left me bed-ridden, on very high doses of the strongest narcotic and neurological pain medications. My body and my brain were all but dormant for the past two years as the symptoms and pain worsened. After visiting every kind of western/eastern doctor and treatment my loved ones and I could find, and after a 9-month waiting list, I resorted to Ketamine treatments – subjecting my brain to irreversible damage.

By the grace of G-d, only weeks before the treatments were to begin, my father read about “Calmare” and Dr. Whyte on-line. I reluctantly agreed to go to CT and stay in a hotel to give another “experimental treatment” a try.

In pain and with the lowest of expectations, I walked in and was greeted as if I had been a member of the family. The warmth and kindness of EVERYONE on staff was unlike any medical encounter I had ever experienced.

Once on the table Dr. Whyte explained how each nerve in the spine correlates with another part of the body. The idea was to identify the areas and put what appeared to me as simple bio-feed back pads just outside the corresponding points. It sounded to me like acupressure attached to a big TENS unit…But I was wrong.

Within minutes, bringing up the levels very slowly, for the first time in YEARS the pain started to improve. Let me be more specific for those who experience nerve pain. The burning of the skin and what I can only describe as “being struck by lightening” searing through the nerves and muscles in my leg was like a signal that my body had been receiving constantly. As the levels on the Calmare mechanism were slowly turned up, the “receive pain signal” in my leg became weaker and weaker. I would often fall asleep during treatments, since it was the only true, non-drug induced sleep I’d had in well over a year.

After about a month of staying in CT for a week then going home to Long Island for a few days, then returning to CT for another week, the majority of the excruciating pain was gone. A few days after returning home I was literally symptom free. No swelling, bruising, bleeding, blistering and finally the PAIN WAS GONE!

That was about a month ago. Today I have no need for ANY type of pain medication. I am completely symptom free. My left leg looks and more importantly feels remarkably similar to the right one. I am rebuilding my life and the relationships that I lost to years of debilitating pain. I also have the peace of mind that if/when the pain returns, I can go to Dr. Whyte for help.

If anyone can relate to this type of pain or has ANY kind of pain, I whole-heartedly urge you give Calmare a try.

Thanks to Dr. Whyte and his staff, I have my life back.

With a world of gratitude,

Susan U.

Paul P. a twenty-seven year old graduate student, was suffering from sciatic pain for over 5 years. In addition to taking several pain medications, Paul was living with depression as a result of having chronic pain for so long. He was unable to live a full, productive life. Paul’s future livelihood was increasingly in jeopardy, as the discomfort made it impossible for him to study for substantial stretches of time. Paul traveled a considerable distance to visit us at NECCP in the hope that Calmare Treatment Therapy would help. During his very first treatment, Paul experienced a dramatic pain decrease. His following visits were so relaxing that he fell asleep. It was the first time in years he was able to have peace and quiet without pain.

Ruth Y. a 42-year-old woman with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), has been unable to work– much less perform– day-to-day tasks. Sitting was as painful to her as walking, driving, or lying down. Her discomfort interfered with sleep and, as a result, she was caught in a cycle of chronic pain and sleep deprivation. Ruth became desperate for help. After one treatment with Calmare Therapy treatment, she began to have hope! For the first time in 3 years she had a smile on her face. Her pain decreased significantly after just this one treatment! She was, for the first time in a long time, able to touch her affected area without experiencing a surge in the stinging and stabbing. Ruth began to see she had the chance of a normal life once again.

Mike D., a 55-year-old business professional, suffered with sciatic pain for almost 8 years. His pain was excruciating, with seemingly no end in sight. Although his pain was not a result of trauma or incident, Mike’s quality of life had gone progressively downhill. Sitting was as hurtful as standing, and daytime pain was becoming as bad as nighttime pain. After many years with his condition, Mike had given up hope. During a twenty minute test treatment with Calmare Therapy, Mike found himself feeling better. He was amazed, but skeptical; however, he continued to be pain-free 5 days after the treatment. It was extraordinary. Still, Mike continued to view the procedure skeptically. It wasn’t until his second full treatment that Mike reluctantly agreed that Calmare Therapy gave him his life back.

Alice R. is a 51-year-old caregiver who came to our office with chronic neck and back pain and frequent migraine headaches. She tried many alternatives, including acupuncture and medication, but her suffering was not alleviated. Alice was struggling to get through her day with an excruciating headache when she first came for Calmare Therapy treatment.

Halfway through her treatment, she commented that her “headache was not as bad” and her neck felt “looser.” This was great news, given that Alice’s headaches typically lasted for days. The lessening of her pain lasted through the night and into the next day. After Alice’s second Calmare Therapy treatment she quietly and gingerly told us that her headache “seemed gone.” Though Alice remained cautious, the proof was evident: her headache pain disappeared, and her neck and back pain had lessened. Within 10 treatments, Alice was headache free and was experiencing significantly less tension in her back. Now she visits our office sporadically when she feels any hint of breakthrough pain or tension, and has been migraine free for several months.

Dorothy H. an 80+ year old woman, came to visit NECCP for chronic shoulder and sciatic nerve pain that had plagued her for over 5 years. After shoulder surgery and a car accident, Dorothy was barely able to walk, much less take part in other activities she had long enjoyed. She suffered from severe sciatic pain and post surgical neuropathy in her shoulder.

When she first came to see us, Dorothy was unable to lift her arm over her head. In addition, she could just about get to our office, as her sciatic pain flared up while sitting and driving. After six Calmare Therapy treatments, Dorothy was not only able to comfortably drive to, she was able to get through a long day on and off her feet at her volunteer job. Dorothy was also able to lift her arm over her head. In addition, Dorothy reported greater mobility and strength in that arm, as well as a “loosening” in her lower back and hips. She was able to wake up in the morning and get out of bed faster and without lasting discomfort and could walk longer distances without rest or use of a cane!

Jason N., a 30-something war veteran had come in for help treating back and leg pain sustained from his time in service. He’s a young, vibrant, very active man who was unable to get on with the things in life that gave him pleasure: mountain biking, running, skiing, etc…

Jason came into our office in a great deal of pain, unable to do much, but lay down in as comfortable a position as he could find. After only two Calmare Therapy treatments, Jason was able to spend time walking and cycling around his neighborhood. Within seven treatments, he was back to mountain biking, hiking and running. After 10 treatments, this patient felt as though life was returned to him. He returns to our office at New England center for Chronic Pain every 90 days or so for booster treatments or when he experiences “break through” pain. In the interim, Jason lives a full, highly active lifestyle.

Tom S. is a 69-year-old caregiver whose busy life is spent helping others– even at the expense of his own health. Whether working with children or the elderly, Tom’s day requires that he be as physically fit as possible. With over 7 years of chronic neck and low back pain, his livelihood was becoming a challenge.

Tom came to see us at NECCP with very little mobility; he was barely able to turn his head from left to right– so much so that he commented that driving was increasingly dangerous, as he was unable to turn his head to see oncoming traffic. After his first Calmare Therapy treatment, Tom reported that his neck felt “looser.” By his fifth treatment, he reported that he was able to drive with “no problems.” Although he had remaining pain in his low back, by his tenth treatment, Tom reported that he “felt great!” He was able to drive without issue, pick things up off of the floor– even small children,– and get through a very demanding day without the pain that had plagued him for so long. Tom was thrilled. He now visits the NECCP office only for booster treatments.

Bud P. an 83-year-old avid golfer, had come in for help treating his sciatic nerve pain. It had bothered him for over 5 years and had become so bad he was unable to walk a course, swing a club, even sit peacefully to watch a tournament on television –all while being treated with high doses of pain medication.

After his first Calmare Scrambler treatment, Bud reported to me he had gone to his car for the ride home and when he took his place behind the steering wheel he paused, sat silently and waited… he waited for the searing pain to sweep over him, for the burning to take its place along his low back and down his right leg to his big toe. He waited, but the pain never came. He started the car, but the pain never came, he waited for quite a while before driving away from our parking lot and as he did so, he wept with relief, relief from his pain!

Bud was dumbfounded. He had suffered with this pain for so long, he was unsure what relief actually felt like and when he finally succumbed to it, joy took over. Bud was able to play golf almost immediately, 27 holes (although not recommended) after the first two treatments! He was able to walk the course he so enjoyed, swing his clubs and enjoy the things of life again that he had for so long abandoned; Bud had returned to his life…

Cathy M. a 91-year-old trigeminal neuralgia sufferer, came to our office after 2 years of pain. The pain was intermittent but dramatic and frightful, seizing her at any given time. It had become most prevalent when she ate and spoke (two things one cannot possibly give up!) sending stabbing shooting pain from her jawbone to her forehead. Cathy was up to 7 pain pills a day! Seven! And she was just shy of having to add another, according to her doctor’s reluctant suggestion.

Cathy began daily rounds of treatment with Calmare Scrambler Therapy and within two weeks, she had weaned off of her medication and was experiencing a dramatic decrease in pain, both in duration and severity of episodes. Given the intensity of Cathy’s condition, she has had to receive treatments for an atypical amount of time, but she is able to speak, eat and plans to travel in the coming months to visit friends, something she refused to consider when she first came to our office. Cathy is doing beautifully and she is living without fear for the first time in two years! She is social again, eating whatever she wants and talking to whomever she wants without fear of a “lightening bolt” of pain literally stopping her in her tracks.

Bill H. a 76-year old retiree, had survived prostate cancer and was suffering from over 3 years of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN). The chronic pain in his hands and feet had become unbearable. He had survived the fight of his life and was now struggling to live it!

Bill traveled halfway across the country to visit our office for treatment and was skeptical, but hopeful. He had tried everything else and was willing to wean himself off of high doses of pain medication in order to participate in Calmare Scrambler Therapy. Within 20 minutes of his first treatment, Bill reported a decrease in the sharp, shooting pain that afflicted his hands, arms and feet. The stinging sensation that had irritated him daily, preventing him from executing daily tasks had decreased dramatically. The weakness and numbness in his feet and toes markedly improved and Bill was able to take a walk around a local mall–a seemingly simple activity he had been unable to consider doing for years.

By his 4th treatment, Bill was able to wake without pain in his hands; he was able to walk across the room placing his whole foot on the floor, not tiptoeing, as he had become accustomed to… by his 8th treatment, Bill had ceased having pain when he showered and was able to dress himself with ease. Bill could hardly believe how far he had come within 10 days. Calmare Scrambler Therapy gave George the ability to return to simple daily tasks without effort, fear or agony. Calmare Scrambler Therapy gave Bill his life back!

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