About The Calmare MC-5A

A Technologically Advanced Solution For Chronic Pain Management. FDA-Cleared.

MC5-A Machine

MC5-A Machine

This revolutionary medical device has received FDA clearance and is currently undergoing clinical studies at the Mayo Clinic, the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center and the V.C.U. Massey Cancer Center. It has successfully relieved chronic pain in those patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions including cancer and chemotherapy pain, pain as a result of chronic diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis, back and neck pain, failed back surgery syndrome, phantom limb pain and more.

Featuring Scrambler Therapy™ Technology For Treatment of Drug-Resistant Chronic Neuropathic and Cancer Pain

Scrambler LogoCalmare Surface electrodes, like those used in an EKG, are placed on the patient’s skin near the area of pain. A low current of electrical stimulation is then sent through the nerve fibers, carrying a “no-pain” signal to the brain that essentially overrides the previous pain signal.The treatment also stimulates new neurons that are able to sustain the no-pain message long after the treatment is over. Results can be clear, immediate, and in some cases, miraculous.

Calmare Decreasing Pain Graph


Dramatic Relief From Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

Although this treatment is new to the U.S., its usage is solidly grounded in years of intensive research, clinical trials, and extensive FDA review. It has been in use in Europe for several years and is currently providing thousands of patients with safe, effective ongoing pain relief while avoiding the harmful, addictive and even potentially fatal adverse side effects of narcotic painkillers. Therapy is performed for a minimum of 10 daily sessions, lasting 30 – 45 minutes in duration, on average.

Free Consultation And Test Treatment

Discover it for yourself. An initial consultation with Dr. Whyte will determine if it is appropriate for you. It includes a free physical evaluation, review of your medical history and a free session on the Calmare pain therapy device– enough for you to know immediately how well it will work for you.

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