How Calmare Therapy Works

Clinical studies have shown that this FDA cleared technology successfully reduces pain in more than 80% of patients treated

Surface electrodes, like those used in an EKG, are placed on the patient’s skin near the area of pain. Then, a low level electrical current is sent through the nerve fibers, resulting in a “no pain” signal to the brain that overrides the “pain” signal.

The treatment also stimulates new neurons…the pain fighters …that are then able to sustain the “no pain” message long after the treatment is over. Results can be clear, immediate and over the course of approximately 10-12 daily sessions…long lasting as well.


Dramatic Pain Relief Begins With The Very First Treatment

You don’t have to live with your chronic pain. Now there is real hope.


  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Walter Reed Medical Center
  • U of WI Carbone Cancer Center
  • V.C.U. Massey Cancer Center

Calmare Decreasing Pain Graph

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