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One of the only doctors in the country to successfully treat Neuropathic Pain with Calmare Scrambler Therapy

Free Consultation and Test Treatment
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A free consultation with Dr. Whyte will determine if Calmare Pain Relief Therapy is appropriate for you. Your visit will include a 45-minute physical evaluation, review of your medical history and one test session with the Calmare Pain Therapy device.

You will know immediately if Calmare Therapy is right for you because a reduction in pain can be seen during the very first treatment. To schedule an appointment, email us at info@neccp.com. Or you may call us at 203-504-8655.

I Can Help You!

See If Calmare Therapy Is Right For You Now.

If you can answer YES to most of these questions then we can help you

  • Has your pain lasted more than 6 months?
  • Is your pain bad enough to keep you from enjoying all the activities you love?
  • Do you feel that your pain is now ruining your life?
  • Is your pain resistant to drugs such as NSAIDs, opiates etc. or do you have bad side effects?
  • Have you been told that you have to live with your pain forever?
Free Consultation and Test Treatment 203-504-8655
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