New England Center for Chronic Pain


Calmare Pain Relief Therapy…

  • Has an 80% success rate
  • Is FDA cleared
  • Uses no harmful drugs or surgery
  • Is safe and non-invasive
  • Has been clinically tested at major hospitals

Clinical studies have shown that this FDA-cleared technology successfully reduces pain in more than 80% of patients treated

Enjoying Life

Free Consultation
and Test Treatment
Call 203-504-8655

A free consultation with Dr. Whyte will determine if Calmare Pain Relief Therapy is appropriate for you. Your visit will include a 45-minute physical evaluation, review of your medical history and one test session with the Calmare Pain Therapy device.

You will know immediately if Calmare Therapy is right for you because a reduction in pain can be seen after the very first treatment. To schedule an appointment, email us at Or you may call us at 203-504-8655.

We have seen a dramatic reduction in pain in the following conditions:

Brachial Plexus
Cancer pain
Phantom limb pain
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Post-shingles pain
-induced peripheral
neuropathy (CIPN)
Post-surgical pain
Chronic neck, knee
and back pain
Pudendal Neuropathy–
Gynecologial pain
Complex regional
pain sydrome (CRPS)
Reflex sympathetic
dystrophy (RSD)
Diabetic Neuropathy
Failed back surgery
Trigeminal Neuralgia
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