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Calmare Pain Relief Therapy…

  • Has an 80% success rate
  • Is FDA Approved (Cleared)
  • Uses no harmful drugs or surgery
  • Is safe and non-invasive
  • Has been clinically tested at major hospitals

Clinical studies have shown that this FDA-cleared technology successfully reduces pain in more than 80% of patients treated

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Free Consultation
and Test Treatment
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Please call us to find out if you are a candidate for a Calmare Test Treatment and Consultation (at no cost to you if it doesn’t work). That’s right; if we can’t help you, you owe us nothing; zip, nada, no charge.  A short test with Dr. Whyte will determine if you respond to Calmare Pain Relief Therapy. Your visit will include a physical evaluation, review of your medical history and one test session with the Calmare Pain Therapy device.

You will feel significant pain relief in this very first test treatment if your nervous system is responsive to Calmare Therapy.  To schedule an appointment, email us at  Or you may call us at 203-504-8655.

We have seen a dramatic reduction in pain in the following conditions:

Brachial Plexus
Cancer pain
Phantom limb pain
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Post-shingles pain
-induced peripheral
neuropathy (CIPN)
Post-surgical pain
Chronic neck, knee
and back pain
Pudendal Neuropathy–
Gynecologial pain
Complex regional
pain sydrome (CRPS)
Reflex sympathetic
dystrophy (RSD)
Diabetic Neuropathy
Failed back surgery
Trigeminal Neuralgia
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